Food Bank for New York City   
working to end hunger in New York City

Land Yoga and Soham Wellness NYC partner with The Food Bank!!

Your donation goes further on the Virtual Food Drive! Thanks to the Food Bank's wholesale purchasing power and efficient distribution model, a gift made here provides more food than through a traditional food drive —– doubling or even tripling the amount of food your dollar can provide at the grocery store.

Land Yoga and Soham Wellness NYC has partnered with The Food Bank for NY to raise money and provide free monthly classes for its clients.  

The Food Bank's Community Kitchen & Food Pantry is one of the largest programs of its type in New York City.  It has lost nearly half its funding due to sudden and unexpected reallocations in New York State's emergency food program.  The community kitchen on 116th Street in Harlem says it will have trouble keeping up with an increased demand. 

Please get the word out and donate to support them.  The Food Bank for New York City needs OUR help!!!  





Ms. Lara Land
20 percent of goal achieved.
Goal:  $5,000.00
Achieved:  $1,024.00

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